Alarmingly Worse

Today was pretty awful,¬†unfortunately. After the work party from hell, the weekend went quite well. The Tuesday following the 3 day weekend? Not so much. Woke up, went to work, the ONLY person with a key to my office (that I share with 2 other people) wasn’t there. I waited as long as I could … More Alarmingly Worse

A Gray Heat

Work was amazingly dead. Almost no one was in their office, and it was eerily quiet. It didn’t help that it was overcast making the world a sort of yellow/gray. And yet, despite the slight cloud cover, the air was moist and hot. I felt like I had been thrown into some sort of post-apocalyptic … More A Gray Heat

Day off

I have the day off, which is fun. Spending it lazily, trying to calm down. Calm my mind; calm my body. Not necessarily doing it the right way, but I’m having fun none the less. I’m going through the Marvel movies, Iron Man and on (not a HUGE fan of the XMen trilogy or the … More Day off