Bad days and good deals

Possibly, I complained too much yesterday and incurred some negative karma. I woke up this morning with awful myoclonic jerks. My mornings are not usually so bad, so this was certainly a concern. I was going back and forth, should I go to work? Should I not go to work?

Of course, this always happens on days when I really need to go to work. So you combine the stress of this need with the stomach-churning pain of fear. Not good, not good at all.

I rested, calmed myself. Meditated. And made it to work in time to take care of the work that had to be done. And then I made an appointment for a massage.

One of the most fantastic things about Thailand would without a doubt be the massages. Even fancy spa massages are only around $30 for a 2 hour oil massage. With my (wonderful) health insurance, which covers the first hour of hospital massage, I pay all of 150 baht (about $5) for 2 hours of medical-grade massage.

I have a woman I try to see, she’s my favorite, and she’s fantastic. I’m not sure you, the reader’s knowledge of massage is, so let us do a little background. The most common massages I am familiar with in the US are Swedish and Deep Tissue. Swedish is more for relaxation, and Deep Tissue is more for pain. Most packages (again, that I’m familiar with) are about $60 for 50 minutes or $30 for 25 minutes (it’s not a full 60 minutes because they allow for setup and takedown time). These are spa massages. I never tried any medical massage in the US because my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

Most Thai massage is somewhere between these two styles, and sometimes harder than DT. At times it is like yoga, at times it is like wrestling with your little brother (ah, the hair pulling), and at other times it is the relaxing rubbing (haha) we usually have in mind when we think of “massage”. It is wonderful, and I love it. It is also a fantastic little treatment for the stress I get from impending seizures (which can be a trigger for seizures even if there is nothing else wrong).

I’m going back to the hospital this evening to try and raise my dosage. Things are not well here in darcil-ville and haven’t been for the past few months. Time to do something about it!


4 thoughts on “Bad days and good deals

  1. Hi Darcy – How are you feeling now? Did you raise your dosage? Which drugs are you on? I had surgery at the end of October, but still get those jerks sometimes. Only small ones and I’m not worried. It’s a heck of a lot better than a grand mal once a week! Hope you are feeling better. 🙂 Hi from Toronto 🙂

    1. There was a mix up with scheduling, so I’m going today. Right now I’m on Lamictal only. I’d like to get my backup, Zonegran, going again, but I can’t seem to find it here.

      What kind of surgery did you have? My old neurosurgeon and I had a talk about getting like a lift put in for my Chiari II issues, but it hasn’t quite dropped far enough yet. We’re thinking 30.

      I am feeling better. Thank you!

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