Busy day.

Happily, I was okay today! Another massage, which helped. Things are picking up a bit at work, so that’s … good? I guess. It would be better if “picking up” involved less drama, but I’ve never in all my life worked at a company that was drama-free. Like working in a freaking middle school, really. 

We have a holiday upcoming here on the 25th. Should be a good day. A friend is getting formally engaged, so I plan on traveling out to witness the ceremony. It will be my first engagement/wedding since moving here. I’ve been to funerals, festivals, and various other ceremonies, but not weddings. So I’m very excited! But then the excitement does make me a little twitchy. When I found out I gave a big shudder. God help me if I ever get married!

Night time again, here. Monday has passed, and the week moves on, have a great one!Image


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