Random Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

These will probably appear here and there in this blog simply because I’m extremely opinionated, and I like movies. You have been warned.

I did not see Bourne Legacy in theatres. I saw it the first time on TV, didn’t catch the first half, wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it, but I said “screw it” and bought the dvd anyway. I have NOW seen this movie 6 times (in three days, hahaha), and I still have mixed feelings.

First of all, I like it. Obviously; I’ve seen it 6 times. I might watch it again after work. I might go home and watch it while eating lunch. It has TONS of flaws:

It’s not about Jason Bourne. This isn’t much of a flaw to me, but almost every review will bitch about this some, so I mention it. It takes place roughly at the same time as Bourne Ultimatum, so there’s a lot of referencing to actual Jason Bourne, it is not a stand alone film or an “I’ll ignore the first three and start watching the franchise here” film. Tredstone, Pam, Bourne and more are all talked about and many characters have cameo/crossover appearances. The action is a bit done, but — as you might have noticed from my A Good Day to Die Hard review earlier in the week — there’s very little (believable) things that haven’t already been attempted in previously made action flicks. Rachel’s character screams a lot.

The not-flaws according to me:

Rachel’s character has REASON to scream a lot. Seriously. She’s not taking bad-ass enhancing drugs. She’s a scientist, a lab drone. If I were shot at a ton and watched a bunch of people killed and marked for termination and thrown into foreign countries and chased… well I wouldn’t be because I would have had a heart attack or something. She’s not a soldier or super spy. Girl deserves a scream or 5,000.

I’m totally cool with it not staring Bourne (Daemon) and carrying the Bourne name. People are way too anal about this. I liked the fact that it ran in the same time as Ultimatum, freaking out the CIA even more. Dealing with two rogues at the same time seems fun. I liked the fact that they talked about Jason (though they could have done less of that as it took too much time away from the primary plot). I liked the fact that that one cop from Law and Order: LA was in it (::grins::). I like Jeremy Renner with a beard. I REALLY like Jeremy Renner with a beard, seriously.

I like that Jeremy Renner actually looks like he could have been a soldier. Like he could kick some ass in real life. They muscled Matt up in the first three films, but there’s no changing that baby face. Granted, it might be useful to have a man who looks like he hasn’t graduated middle school as an assassin. Who would guess, right? But Renner looks like the real deal. I also liked that the other Outcome agents actually looked like they could blend in with their surroundings, not just fake an accent.

Not sure if Louis Ozawa’s character coming from Bangkok was supposed to mean he was Thai. Cuz the man doesn’t look the LEAST Thai. He looks what he is: Japanese/Taiwanese. This little scene confused me at first and made me think that the big chase scene at the end was IN Bangkok, which made me angry because they were NOT speaking Thai language from any region. It was in the Philippines,  which makes more sense. Still, most of that “motorbike chase” scene looks like everyday traffic in Thailand. Many people don’t believe me when I tell them this, but it is true. The unwritten rule of motorbike traffic in Thailand is basically “if you fit, freaking go for it”. Sidewalks are two lanes. Two-car-lane road? Motorbikes that’s about 8. Lines are lanes. Opposite traffic lanes are lanes if you think you can make it. Between cutting between cars to switch around? Go for it. Want to go from left-hand sidewalk to right-hand sidewalk? Why are you even asking?

Thus the motorbike scene is really realistic. Car chase in Die Hard? Fun, not realistic. Legacy? You’ve got a few BS moments, but there’s some realism there, no question. That’s why I like it. Probably can’t jump from one snow-capped mountain to another, but totally ride that bike in Manila.

Get to the point!!!! All right already, jeez. Flawed, but I love the hell out of it.


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