Soi Dogs and Exhaustion

It is stupidly hot, again. I say this, but I will be wishing for the sunny hot when we roll into the semi-rainy season and the crazy-rainy season here in a few months. When I start to grow mold and I can’t go outside without getting myself soaked straight through.

One thing about the heat, it keeps the local dog gangs sleeping during the day, so I don’t have to bother with them quite so much. If you don’t know much about Thailand, I hope you know about the dog gangs (called soi dogs, soi being street/road), because they are nuts. Stray dogs are very common here. Some aren’t quite stray, people claim them and put collars on them but don’t do much in the way of feeding them. I do not understand this, but it is the way of the world. So these dogs are battle worn and often quite mean. If you walk (and I do) you have to establish yourself as Alpha pretty early on.

We recently acquired a new dog in our neighborhood, so I’m having to go through that all over again. At least this one seems to be taken care of a bit more. But he’s barely older than a puppy, so stupid as all hell. He hasn’t gotten a real taste of his mortality yet. I’m waiting for one of the mean dogs in the territory to the west to stroll up and box with my local dogs (they do that about once a month to try and expand, but our girls are pretty tough). He’ll calm down a bit after that, I hope.

Moving on:

I’ve been so tired as of late. I’m wondering if that has something to do with the jerks I’ve been having in the mornings. It’s really odd because I’m getting what I consider to be enough sleep (6-7 hours a night on week days 8-9 on weekends). The sleeping in on the weekends might be throwing me off some. But I’m mentally and physically worn out.

Taking a vacation in late April that will hopefully straighten things out, but until then I expect the exhaustion and pre-seizure feelings to continue.


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