Fried Chicken and Sticky Rice

ImageI’m lucky enough that between work and home there is a fried chicken stand. Now, I don’t get fried chicken EVERY day — because I’d die — but today was a fried chicken day, for sure. I bought quite a bit so I could have it for every meal (chop it up and put it in soup tonight).

For those of you from the American South (where REAL American fried chicken is), there are differences in American fried chicken and Thai fried chicken. Thai chicken is cooked with a lot of spices. Not hot spices (you get a hot spicy sauce to go with it), but really really flavorful ones. I love American fried chicken, but Thai fried chicken really has a better flavor to it. Bit crispier, bit more interesting.

Instead of mashed potatoes as a side, you get a bit of sticky rice. Sticky rice is awesome, so this is a perfectly acceptable substitute. And possibly healthier depending on the amount of gravy and stuff that you usually put on your potatoes. Only sad thing is the lack of biscuits  It’s dreadfully hard to find good biscuits here. (KFC doesn’t have any. There’s a Popeye’s chicken in the Bangkok airport domestic — oddly enough — terminal, and they have biscuits.)

Happy eating, readers!


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