Day off

I have the day off, which is fun. Spending it lazily, trying to calm down. Calm my mind; calm my body. Not necessarily doing it the right way, but I’m having fun none the less.

I’m going through the Marvel movies, Iron Man and on (not a HUGE fan of the XMen trilogy or the Wolverine — Deadpool deserves better — or the original spiderman trilogy). This will eventually lead me to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Robert Downey Jr.) and Bourne Legacy (Jeremy Renner) to round out my experience.

Most of the Marvel movies are hard on the eyes. Lots of flashing in the original Iron Man in the cave scenes when he’s coming out of being unconsciousness. 2 is much better, only the first Vanko (sp) fight is bothersome, from my twitchy experience. Thor, any scene with Thor, is risky. Lightening tends to be risky. Captain America, using the tesseract, is also very risky. That blue white color is always bothersome. When it flashes it is that much worse.

We know about it with strobes, and most people think about the white flashing light, but that blue — for me — is so much more dangerous. I love it! This is because I am an absolute idiot. But I love that color, I love how it automatically represents power. Extreme power. It is so beautiful.

I’m enjoying my run (currently on C.A.) through these movies (for about the 5,000th time). Makes me feel powerful, myself. ❤


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