A Gray Heat

Work was amazingly dead. Almost no one was in their office, and it was eerily quiet. It didn’t help that it was overcast making the world a sort of yellow/gray. And yet, despite the slight cloud cover, the air was moist and hot. I felt like I had been thrown into some sort of post-apocalyptic video game. I expected crazy people to roll around the corners of interior walls and buildings, toting guns and trying to steal my Sprite and peanuts. That or zombies. But there were no zombies or crazy survivalists, so it was all-in-all a boring day.

Tomorrow is going to be something of an office party. In truth, it is more of an ego-stroking exercise of the higher-up sort of forcing people into a hotel (that I think is owned by a friend), making us dress up, and do… something. I’m still not quite clear, but I am NOT looking forward to it. Until an hour ago I didn’t even know if I had a ride (see the whole not driving, epilepsy, etc). That would have been nice, but now I do have a ride, so I must go. Show my face, at least.

What bothers me most is the dress code. I am not a black-tie girl. I have casual clothes and work clothes. I have absolutely no need for anything that nice, and refuse to spend money (money I could spend on books and/or candy) on something I’d only wear once. The plan now is to pretty up a slightly nicer work dress. What I dislike most is that I’m losing a portion of my weekend! MY WEEKEND!

Sometimes being an adult is crap. I love my job, I really do, but this excess stuff is frustrating. I mean, sometimes you have to take your work home, but my home time is my home time!!! (whine whine whine)

Well! Off to find a book to read. Nothing better to help me calm down.


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