Knocked out, Awkward, and Bored

Well between the last post and this (I hope this) post, my blog was flagged spam. This was faintly annoying, but whatever.

The work party was … ugh. Annoying. My boss was as annoying as he could have been. He leered at the younger ladies, which was very … angering, for me at least. Like I said before, this party seemed designed to cater to him more than as the celebration of success it was called.

It’s hard for me to describe how I feel about work parties. I like to go out with friends, I like to go out and listen to music and dance and whatever, but I do NOT like big gatherings. I don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t have that ability to “work a crowd”. It’s not an ability I want, either. My boss is one of those people who believes he can work a crowd, but — in my experience, and from my talking to others — he’s not as good at it as he thinks.

And he showed up late. That was just as annoying if not worse. We started the buffet before he got there, of course, but by the time he arrived, the food was cold. The food, on the whole, was rather boring. I’m not sure if he had a say in the food, but whoever had the say sucked at it because the food was boring. Thai food should NOT be boring.

This thing was supposed to start at 6:30. Figuring that’s when things were being set up, my friend and I left home at 7pm and arrived at around 7:15. My boss didn’t get there until after 8. My friend and I took out at 9p when things were just getting started. No way was I going to stick around for much longer. Plus they wanted me to be a judge for their beauty contest.

I’ll save the sexism, fixation on physical appearance rant for a later post. But it will come, trust me.

All in all, Saturday was very annoying. It could have been a fantastic day. I spent it cuddling with my cat and watching QI. If I could have done that all day … ah, what a day that would have been. But no, I had to get dressed up, wait on my boss, and deal with crap. Screw that. I woke up with what felt like a hangover this morning, an anger hangover.

::sigh:: I’m going to go grab some Oreos and a Coke. Sugar is what I need, now. Ugh.


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