Alarmingly Worse

Today was pretty awful, unfortunately. After the work party from hell, the weekend went quite well. The Tuesday following the 3 day weekend? Not so much. Woke up, went to work, the ONLY person with a key to my office (that I share with 2 other people) wasn’t there. I waited as long as I could before going home to log on to the network from there. I have several things I need completed by next week, and two I need done by TOMORROW.

I was able to do some work at home, get in the office around 11pm. Then my drive failed me and said that my work, almost ALL of my work, had been corrupted and wouldn’t read. I was already a little twitchy, this, oh-so-happily, brought on some major jerks. Went and sat in a corner for a while, meditated a bit, restarted the computer, downloaded Open Office (which I use at home but not at work) and boom, just fine. Sometimes I really hate Excel. I never have problems with Word, but Excel is a pain in my butt.

Then, thank goodness, I had my massage. It finished up and the sky was a dark gray. Fantastic. Quickly as possible, I hopped a motorbike taxi and hightailed it home. Made it just as the fat drops were starting to come down. In the house now, waiting for it to slow a bit before walking back into work, picking up the paper copies of what needs to be entered (so I can do it from my home laptop), sign out, and come BACK. Hopefully without anymore rain.

::sigh:: My shoulders are killing me. The lady I go to for my massages found this place behind my underarm … I thought I was going to die. I thought my entire body was going to explode. It hurt, a lot. A lot, a lot. Feeling better now, but I am certainly looking forward to next week. I like her a lot.

Hope you all are having better days!


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