In Exchange

As nothing at all of worth has happened today and the most I’ve thought is “should I put Bourne Legacy on repeat? I really want to watch Snakes on a Plane, but that would mean getting up…”, I present a picture of my cat in place of a written post. Making this one of the … More In Exchange

American Candy

I, without the slightest doubt, have a bit of a sweet tooth. To the case that it’s a suprise I have teeth at all! Just joshin’ I’m good with teeth. Anyway, Thailand has some okay candy, SUGU’s are the okay candy I’m talking about. Other than that, Jelly Bellies are standard here, and Haribo is … More American Candy


I’m not sure on the details (I might never be) but I believe we just had a powerline explode! Woke up at about 6am to this HUGE booming sound. No smoke, no fire, no one running and screaming. A few, but not all, of my neighbors came out and glanced around, one went down the … More BOOM!

Hot Cross Buns

There’s a place here called Lady Pie that makes Australian (for the most part) style meat pies. They also do a few English pies and Thai-inspired pasties. I happen to LOVE pot pies. My favorite thing to cook is turkey pot pie with thanksgiving leftovers. Fantastic and warm and filling. A great meal for winter … More Hot Cross Buns

Epileptic Triggers

Wow, been a long while, hasn’t it? Way to many things to say ┬áto explain, so we’ll just leave it at : It’s complicated. Now, LET’S MOVE ON! I’m scheduled to give a workshop next week. My first workshop ever. Not going to, but delivering. Speaking is a pretty easy thing for me. I did … More Epileptic Triggers