A deep sigh of relief.

Wow. It’s been a good while since I wrote. Which is sad, seeing as this is a new blog. Work became more than a little nuts, things went crazy, I tried to think of a proper way to write this down, to share, but I just couldn’t do it… SO! Instead we’re just going to accept that it was nuts, and then move on with our lives!

I mentioned (I think) in the first post that I am a fan of fountain pens. Up until now, I stayed with piston, cartridge converter, and aerometric fill pens. But, I recently bought several Lamy pens (there’s a dealer in Thailand, who is wonderful. My part of Thailand is hell for fountain pens — expensive Parker only, and Parker and Shaeffer ink, blue/black, only. this leads to a lot of internet shopping) and was only able to get cartridges. I did later get a converter, but only one for all the pens I have, and I’m not all that fond of the converter, to be honest. I do prefer the volume and function of the lamy cartridges.

This led to me going and buying some syringes. I’ve never done syringe fill before, but I’m happy to say it is easy and a bit pleasing. I wish I had been able to get blunt/flat end needles, but all they had were regular ones. …which, needle…less… hahaha! Needless to say, I have to be careful with. And keep my head with, because I really, REALLY feel like I could draw my own blood (I’ve watched it done for drug panels soooo many times), and that is an alarmingly stupid thought.

I’m very excited about this. I have plans to buy a Platinum Preppy:

…and convert it to an eyedropper-fill pen. Where I will use the syringe instead of an eyedropper because eyedroppers are sloppy and boring. SYRINGE! I’ve never converted a pen before (I started my fountain pen collection less than 3 years ago, and I am still not brave enough to start doing repair work. Maintenance, okay, as long as it’s simple. I don’t have the courage to buy a fixer-uper yet.) so I’m very excited about this.

I should calm down, though. I am returning to the US for vacation in April, so I am going to wait until then to buy and work on the Preppy conversion. Domestic shipping is significantly — significantly — cheaper than international. And I can wait a month… maybe…


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