It’s a good thing I chose Wednesday to be my work-from-home day, and a good thing we’ve just rolled into a slow period this week. I slept poorly Tuesday night. More than poorly. I looked at the clock and read every single hour on it from 22:00 until 6 this morning. At 7am I signed on, showed my face, and the checked out… just for a bit… just to rest my eyes and my brain.

And then woke up at 16:55.

My mother would have said I obviously needed the sleep, if my body took it, and I don’t necessarily disagree. But I do hate to “lose” days like this. I suppose that helps explain, to some extent, my problems with sleeping. I always see it as time lost, not as a section of time necessary to the continuation of my life. Especially my life, or especially the lives of those with epilepsy. Sleep is important!

One of these days I’m going to properly learn that.


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