Hot Cross Buns

There’s a place here called Lady Pie that makes Australian (for the most part) style meat pies. They also do a few English pies and Thai-inspired pasties. I happen to LOVE pot pies. My favorite thing to cook is turkey pot pie with thanksgiving leftovers. Fantastic and warm and filling. A great meal for winter months.

There’s no such thing as winter here in Thailand, but I still get meat pie cravings sometimes. Because it’s Easter, they’re also doing hot cross buns, so I made a delivery order. And, DAMN do they have some good buns! Perfect amount of cinnamon  not too many raisins  right amount of chewiness in the crust and ooh-so-soft on the inside. Perfect. I’m in heaven. I wish I had ordered more, but at the same time I’m very glad that I did not. I’m going to gain SO much weight over this!

I also ordered lamb pie and steak and ale pie, steak and potato pie, and Thai curry pie. Sausage rolls and penang curry pasties. The curry pasties are amazingly good. I worship them. I don’t order often because … well there’s the delivery and the cost which keeps me from eating them at every meal and getting fat and dying!

Still, a good way to end the day with a thai curry pie for dinner and a hot cross bun for dessert.


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