I’m not sure on the details (I might never be) but I believe we just had a powerline explode!

Woke up at about 6am to this HUGE booming sound. No smoke, no fire, no one running and screaming. A few, but not all, of my neighbors came out and glanced around, one went down the road a bit, but no clue. Power went out, and — if you know anything at all about Thailand — powerlines are very stressed in a lot of places. You see a pole hung with what looks like a million different lines. Transformers overflowing!

So I’m pretty sure it was a powerline popping and not a bomb. And in honor of this, A HAIKU!

A powerline exploded
Awake and confused

lolol, a friend though the little note I posted on facebook was in haiku form (it wasn’t, it was just in three short sentences) and when she realized not, demanded one of me. I hope you enjoyed!

Wherever you happen to be, my dears, have a good night or a good day!


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