Random Movie Review: GI JOE and EPILEPSY!

In addition to the general review about GI Joe: Retaliation, I will add that there are a few moments that made me pause, from an epileptic perspective.

The first is an early fire fight. As a reminder, I’m more audiosensitive than photosensitive, so the automatic fire makes my brain a bit fluttery. There is also a bit of explosions (no surprise there, I hope) with flickering light effects an obvious part of that.

The second, and the biggie, is that at one point a character takes another character’s retinal scan, and the scanner that they put up flickers blue and red. The second I noticed the colors, I put a hand up over my eyes, I don’t play with that stuff. Because I hid from it, I can’t say with any certainty if it would cause anyone any problems. The flicker-rate for stuff like this is pretty closely monitored, post Pokemon-gate (lol), so I wouldn’t think it would twitch anyone out unless you had high photosensitivity. In which case, the first is just as likely to get you.


2 thoughts on “Random Movie Review: GI JOE and EPILEPSY!

    1. No problem! I will say, I went to see it again (I know, I know, I can’t believe I paid twice to see such a silly movie either, but … GUN KATA and MOUNTAIN NINJAS!) and forced myself to watch through the red and blue thing. It’s very very short and turns white very quickly. Barely the blink of an eye. I think it should be fine.

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