American Candy

I, without the slightest doubt, have a bit of a sweet tooth. To the case that it’s a suprise I have teeth at all! Just joshin’ I’m good with teeth. Anyway, Thailand has some okay candy, SUGU’s are the okay candy I’m talking about. Other than that, Jelly Bellies are standard here, and Haribo is too. So I can get those with no problem. Nerds are pretty common in stores with a decent amount of import goods. 7-11s tend to have Ice Breakers mints (and they have berry flavored).

And they all have some form of chocolate, kit kats are popular here. But the thing is, I like CANDY. Sweettarts and sprees are no doubt my faves. I love twizzlers and gobstoppers and runts.

There’s a Japanese candy store that will get American candy at times. I was able to pick up some gobstoppers and a few of those single lemon head packages (not the big bags/boxes of the little lemon heads but the large ones that look like gumballs). Even though they get some Wonka product, they don’t get all. And, man, do I miss sprees and sweettarts.

I’m making the trip back to the USA to visit the folks in mid-April. My poor family. Honestly I’m more looking forward to good Tex-Mex and candy than I am to see my blood relatives! Awful, but true.


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