In the US

Things here have been, well, odd. It’s hard to come back for a visit and do so in the middle of such a group of tragedies. The questions of Boston are being answered, if slowly. The (sequel) story of the poisoned letters (still, so so stupid) is almost wrapped up. West is … well, that one … More In the US


Well, I’m back in the US. Rainbow Twizzlers, Dr. Pepper, Tex-Mex, and sweettarts make me very happy. So far I’ve only seen my parents (and my parents’ pets), so I haven’t done much other than eat. Nothing has changed, which strikes me as weird what with being away for 2 years, but then maybe not. … More Texas

Korea and Boston

Currently hanging in the airport in Seoul, Korea. It’s … terribly terribly odd that there’s all this worry about North Korea the last two weeks, and the big attack happens in Boston. But (probably) not from North Korea. Stupid. But it’s one of those things I thought after learning of the attack. When I stepped … More Korea and Boston


This is the first year that I didn’t go all out for Songkran. It’s kinda sad, but I really just don’t feel up to it, and I’ve got packing and stuff to do. So, this year I went to lunch with some friends and watched people play Songkran from inside a car. Dry. Songkran is … More Songkran


The Dentist was open (great since it’s Songkran weekend and so many places are shutting down on Friday as well as the government office “substitution” days Monday and Tuesday; if a holiday falls on a weekend the government offices get to keep their weekend and take a weekday off as a substitute holiday) so I … More Dentist

Hospital Talk

Today I went to pick up medication. Because it is a public hospital, lines are a thing so it took a while to get in to see the doctor (I do not mind this as all my expense for the consult and the medication is reimbursed by my government health insurance). Once in he’s like “but we … More Hospital Talk