Workshop Day 1

First of all, I slept like crap. Maybe 2 hours. I was in bed at 10 but was still awake at 3am. Just lying there in bed. I’d done stretches, exercise, meditated, counted, kept my eyes closed… Every time I have to do something like this, I sleep like crap. So, obviously, I was terrified that something would happen. Luckily, I was a little jittery, but made it through. On the plus side, I’m so freaking exhausted right now that I’m sure to sleep well tonight.

Day one of the workshop went well, I think. People listened, people participated. It wasn’t fantastic, I wasn’t changing anyone’s life, but it was an acceptable performance. The only real problem was that I a) went to fast and b) was told to alter Day Two’s content.


Whatever, fine. Though when you limit me to JUST ASEAN … it’s like the only thing that exists to speak of in Thailand right now. If it isn’t related to ASEAN, it isn’t worth talking about. Boring. But I guess that’s because I don’t see it as having an impact on my life. For those here working in businesses that will be affected by the implementation of whatever rules come with it, I realize it will be an issue. But … okay, whatever, I’m going to stop complaining now!

In other news, I head out for the US on the 16th of April (at 12:40 am, so really the 15th). Getting close. I’m excited to eat MEXICAN food! YAY, MEXICAN FOOD!


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