The Alpha Challenger

I feel a bit like a chicken with its head cut off (when I was little, I helped in the chicken butchering process at a nearby family farm … I know what this looks like) with all the stuff I have to get done before I go visit the US next week. Not the least of which is preparation for a friend to take care of my darling cat.

I’m often surprised by how intelligent animals can seem. There really is no way Howl can KNOW I’m going away for three weeks, but she’s been hanging on to me a bit more. She’s very much a lap cat. If I’m siting (without a laptop) she’ll sit, prim and proper, in my lap. If I’m lying on my back in bed, she’ll sit on my stomach. Right after a shower I must sit in my chair because she loves to sit with me after showers. But that is it. She is not a cuddly type of cat. She won’t sit on my shoulder (or my face…) or lay across my feet. But recently, even when I’m lying on my side or my belly in bed, she’ll sit next to me and reach out a paw to put on my hand or my cheek. It’s weird.

I have a shoe box on the wall-side of my bed that she loves to sleep in. But she’s been sleeping OUT of the box and next to me. Still not cuddling, but …

I am going to be so broken hearted to be away from her for so long! I don’t have kids (never have wanted any), but I can’t imagine what it would feel like to leave them like that.

It’s not all sweet, though. I was cleaning her litter a few minutes ago, and she was fighting to get in (you know how cats are). I pushed her out and pushed her out, trying to finish. She stood next to the box, facing me with a truly terrifying look… and peed on the wall! 555+ I should have gotten on to her, but it was just so darn hilarious.

Less than a week left! Still so much to do!


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