The Left, Front Tooth

So. So. Soooooo.

I passed out in the office today. Technically the place is open, but in actuality it’s barren as a ghost town. Songkran, Thai New Year, is this weekend. So, when I passed out in the office, no one was there to watch me do it. On one hand: No one to catch me. On the other: I was left alone while I gathered myself. Which was nice.

I didn’t have a seizure, just fainted. But that is bad enough since I fainted hard against a desk and CHIPPED MY TOOTH! My FRONT tooth! Of all the terrible things that could have happened, I know that chipping a tooth is hardly fatal, but … I look like an idiot. I cannot fully express how stupid I look. And right before I go visit the US at that!

Finished my work, came home, found out that the blood from my nose (also banged my nose) had gotten in my hair. Cleaning dried blood from hair is annoying. You wet it, and then blood gets everywhere. Very annoying.

::sigh:: That’s all I have the energy to post. Gah! MY TOOTH!


2 thoughts on “The Left, Front Tooth

  1. I know how you feel. I had once broken a tooth due to a seizure when I was 20 and my father said he’ll get it okay at any cost. Went to the dentist and he did some repair work but after a few years I removed the tooth and went for a cap. However bad, you can get work done on the tooth and it’ll look like nothing had happened.

    1. It looks good now. There’s still some mobility in my front two teeth, but hopefully they’ll stabilize in a few days. I’ll go back in three weeks or so to see what else they can do.

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