Hospital Talk

Today I went to pick up medication. Because it is a public hospital, lines are a thing so it took a while to get in to see the doctor (I do not mind this as all my expense for the consult and the medication is reimbursed by my government health insurance). Once in he’s like “but we just gave you medication on April 1st.”

Yes. But the month you gave me was only at half my needed dosage. AND I’m going to the U.S. for a month, so I’d need a refill there, even so.

He responds with saying “You can get the refill in U.S.”

I’m lucky I managed to keep myself from laughing in his face. Yeah. Right. Like I can afford meds without insurance in the US. I know there are programs, but with a fairly packed schedule with family visits and workshops (means I don’t have to use vacation time for the trip), I don’t have the time to spend signing up for special programs. Especially when I’m only there for 20ish days.

Finally he broke down and gave me the full ‘scrip, and two months worth! Yay! Don’t have to bother with that shit for awhile!

In other news: My tooth hurts like a bitch. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning. If nothing else I hope they give me a big fat shot of pain killer or numbing stuff. At the most I want them to pack the thing with something long-lasting enough to get me through this trip, and then I’ll deal with it when I get back.

In final news: Someone PLEASE slap some sense into Kim Jong Un. My layover is in Seoul.


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