The Dentist was open (great since it’s Songkran weekend and so many places are shutting down on Friday as well as the government office “substitution” days Monday and Tuesday; if a holiday falls on a weekend the government offices get to keep their weekend and take a weekday off as a substitute holiday) so I was able to get the chip filled.

And find out that OH! I have impacted molars. Fantastic. Why didn’t they find those the last time I went in? Did they just pop out of nowhere? Why don’t they hurt?

Ah well. We’ll fix that when I get back from the U.S.

In related news, I feel like absolute crap. My nose and upper lip are bruised from where I slammed into the table. This is unusual. Most of the pain in my life is seizure-born. Hurting this way … it’s just a bit frustrating. Bad enough with the epilepsy, now I have to faint and slam my face into a desk, too?!

I shouldn’t be so grumpy. At least it was patched well enough.

(I’ll upload a far more interesting post later in the day or tomorrow morning about Songkran. Once I get over whining about this. 555+)


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