This is the first year that I didn’t go all out for Songkran. It’s kinda sad, but I really just don’t feel up to it, and I’ve got packing and stuff to do. So, this year I went to lunch with some friends and watched people play Songkran from inside a car. Dry.

Songkran is Thai New Year. Traditionally it involved paying respect to your elders by pouring water in their hands and various other things like blessing with baby powder. Now it involves water guns and giant barrels of water in the back of trucks and crowding motorbikes to stop them and dump water on them. And drinking. Lots of drinking and dancing. It’s like Mardi Gras, really, only the party takes place in all the country.

In the north, near Chang Mai, it lasts quite awhile. Around 2 weeks. Here it’s only a few days.


Songkran is a pretty big tourist time. It takes place during High Season, for one. When the weather is generally pretty clear before it starts raining a lot (though today is quite cloudy). For the second, it’s pretty much the most awesome holiday ever, and not enough people know about it! If any of you ever consider coming to Thailand, come in mid-April. Come for Songkran. Have a fantastic time!


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