Korea and Boston

Currently hanging in the airport in Seoul, Korea. It’s … terribly terribly odd that there’s all this worry about North Korea the last two weeks, and the big attack happens in Boston. But (probably) not from North Korea. Stupid. But it’s one of those things I thought after learning of the attack. When I stepped off of the plane between Thailand and Korea. Amazing the horror that can occur in just a few hours.

I’ve read that they’ve found several other unexploded devices. We’re going through extra screening here, and it seems that all of the airports are being extra vigilant (understandable). I’m going to be out of contact again for another 12 hours. I’m worried about things. But there’s nothing I can do.

I’m guessing that this is domestic, and I hope they find out who is behind it sooner rather than later. This someone or someones need to be stomped on, and hard.


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