Well, I’m back in the US. Rainbow Twizzlers, Dr. Pepper, Tex-Mex, and sweettarts make me very happy. So far I’ve only seen my parents (and my parents’ pets), so I haven’t done much other than eat. Nothing has changed, which strikes me as weird what with being away for 2 years, but then maybe not. In any case, it feels a little odd to be back in the country!

I had ordered a few fountain pens and had them sent to the house here so that I wouldn’t have to pay such high shipping costs and so that I would have a little gift awaiting me. All four pens are fantastic! Two little cheapy pens and two Platignum studios. Very nice and fun. I should have bought some ink, so I’m looking into that now. With three weeks here I can totally buy a few more things if I want.

It was sad to see all of the flags at half mast this last night and this morning. My thoughts, again, with all those affected by the bombings.


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