In the US

Things here have been, well, odd. It’s hard to come back for a visit and do so in the middle of such a group of tragedies. The questions of Boston are being answered, if slowly. The (sequel) story of the poisoned letters (still, so so stupid) is almost wrapped up. West is … well, that one is far from over. West is going to take years if not decades of rebuilding and lawsuits and (here’s hoping) reevaluation of inspection policies with regards to industry.

Not holding my breath on that one though. BP (and Exxon before them) have pretty much paved the path of getting away with disasters. I hope this will be different and that change will happen, but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t make the slightest difference in how Texas deals with industry.

On a more personal note, I am suffering from allergies. My sore throat might be just from breathing cold air, which my body isn’t really used to anymore. But the sneezing and the headaches! Terrible! I do like the cool air, though. I have a little heater on right now, warming my toes. I’m not even sure heaters exist in southern Thailand.

More and more family/friend visits, baseball games, and movies to come. Expect a Random Review of Iron Man 3 soon! Until then, please, everyone, take care of yourselves!


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