A few years ago, I spent time teaching in American Elementary and Middle Schools. I have many friends with young children, and I was once a child myself. I was in fact a child who suffered from sexual abuse, by a child not much older than myself. This is one of those things that gets … More Teaching

Screw Veggies

So, like a good girl, back from the temptations of unhealthy US vacation food, I’m trying to lose some of the weight I put on while traveling. Some of it came off easily, just with picking up the daily walking and stuff I do without any effort. But, as is always the case, it’s much … More Screw Veggies

Wild Weekend

A friend of mind went to Krabi on a weekend business trip, and she invited me to go with her. (She was taking her niece, so I think part of it was just so she’d have someone to watch the kid when she was working, but I was happy to be invited whatever the reason.) … More Wild Weekend

An Interestingly boring day and vow to myself

Traffic in Thailand is weird in that accidents happen a lot, but it doesn’t seem to change anyone’s driving habits. I’ve mentioned before, but if you’ve ever seen a car chase that involved a motorbike (and I specifically suggest Bourne Ultimatum), the traffic movement in those scenes is not as fantastical as you might at … More An Interestingly boring day and vow to myself