Random Movie Review: Inside Man

An oldie but a goodie. (Not that old!) Still hangin’ with my brother (lots of fun, despite the fact that he conked half-way through, poor kid… he’s not on vacation, and he had a hard day at work plus the wine I bought him at dinner and the beer I gave him after, lol). Had a dream about Inside Man a few weeks back and saw it in my brother’s movie cabinet, so we’re watching it now.

The cast in this film is vast and well chosen. It’s got Denzel Washington being Denzel Washington or, as my brother puts it, the guy who comes to “take over, take control, get it done“! Which I love. I mean I adore the hell out of Unstoppable, and that’s one of the most Denzel Washington movie ever.

inside man

One of the reasons this movie stood out to me from the first viewing, years ago, was the “hold off on the color commentary” line. This came out in 06, 5 years post-9/11, so it shouldn’t have made such an impact on me, but I remember that feeling important. That they made a point to delve into a race issue while telling a pretty interesting heist story. Meaning they touch on that issue without shoving it down your throat, but it’s there, and I appreciate it. Not every movie can do that. Watching it a day after Stolen (which I guess is an unfair comparison as Stolen isn’t really a heist movie) it helps to understand how much of a better movie it is.

You know from the beginning that they’re not sure who the “villain” is and that the bad guys are thrown in with the hostages. You know early on about the nazis. It is a bit suspenseful  but not really. It is a thriller. But it captivates. And there are also great little quips, this being my second favorite:

Dude: “Can I have your hat please?”

Denzel: “No you can’t, get your own.”

This being my first:

“Don’t bullshitbullshitter.”

Inside Man. Love it.


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