Random Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Feels like all I’ve been doing lately! But, most of my days have been a little personal, so let us stick with the movies:


Iron Man 3. I stayed away from the internet proper (meaning anything that wasn’t my email or my blog, etc) since it came out last week in the UK. Various life things kept me from going to see it on the 3rd (grr), but I finally got to go see it today, on the fifth. (Late show.)

I, for one, loved it. It was hilarious. It felt a little like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (RDJ, Val Kilmer, favorite movie ever) in that you’d be going one direction and then BOOM random thing comes out of no where to (temporarily) derail whatever was going on.

This movie was hilarious, which I wasn’t expecting. It starts out with “Blue” by Eiffel 65 playing. Seriously? Right off the bat you know it is going to be awesome, but in a way that says a big “fuck you” to whatever it was people were expecting.

I read before something about the similarities in The Dark Knight Rises trailers and the Iron Man 3 trailers. In part this was focused on the “weird voiced” villain and the sort of overarching philosophical message.

At risk of spoilers: ha!

Negs? Not the least bit subtle with certain criticisms. They might have been set in place as political jokes, but it felt a bit like heavy-handed Daily Show, so… yeah. It could also be a bit jumpy at times, the pace was a mite bit rapid, but it did have to be to get everything in, I get that.

As a comic book fan in general (but never a huge fan of the comic book Tony Stark; I don’t dig the abusive alcoholic thing) there were some pros and cons, but on the whole I did love it. I plan on watching it many, many more times.

For my favorite epi people, there wasn’t anything that I found disturbing. The final fight was epic, but not flashy in a way that bothered me. There was a moment or two during a firefight that might cause a few people problems, but on the whole, it was well done for an action movie. (I saw in 3D, and the use of that was spot on. Completely spot on, and didn’t bother me in the least.)

Epileptics, I would caution you with the trailers. The After Earth trailer really wigs with me a bit because it makes use of that epic-style trailer where it FLASHclipFLASHclipFLASHclipFLASH and so on to give an idea of the story. The trailer for Thor was okay as far as epileptic triggers goes, though I’m concerned that it might be a little bit too much like IM3. There was another trailer that bothered me, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was for.

Stay for the end (I was so surprised when people walked out as the credits started! Everyone knows that Marvel does final scenes!), it’s a very cute little bit.

All in all, fantastic! A great action movie for action fans, comic fans, and epileptics who like action comic movies!

Have a great week, everyone!


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