Back in Thailand

So, after something like 30 total hours of travel (I think it was 27, but allow me the 3 hour exaggeration), I am back at my home-sweet-home.

My cat, who sheds like nutbunnies anyhow, has left a considerable amount of fur around the place. As well as having thrown up a time or two. She was obviously upset. She is now alternating between crying and rubbing on me, crying and edging away from me, and silently hiding somewhere. I’m rather a bit depressed about the last two, but she’ll come around.

It’s wonderful to be back in my (incredibly messy) home, though the place was hella hot and muggy when I walked in. I should have asked my friend to turn on the aircon for me when she checked on my cat yesterday. But I forgot. So we’re in the extended process that is cooling this damn place down.

All in all the trip itself went well. Everything was on time, no problems with bags, etc. A successful trip made. But I am not really wanting to repeat the process anytime soon. Thailand to the US is not an easy trip. I do not sleep well on planes.

In a wider note, there were several babies on board and in the same section of the plane as me. They were all marvelously well behaved. And during the US to Korea portion of the trip, one of the flight attendants attached a cradle to the front wall of the section! I’d never seen that done before. Quite impressive.

Well, that was that. Movie reviews to follow! I had lots of time for movie watching.


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