Random Movie Review: The Airplane Edition!

I didn’t watch a ton of movies during my flights, but I did watch a few. The following are reviews of those movies:



I really, really enjoyed this movie. I love Helen Mirren for one, and for another, Anthony Hopkins did a fantastic job playing Alfred Hitchcock. Like with Joseph Gordon Levit’s makeup in Looper, the costuming and facial expressions he used to play the role made me wonder more than once if it was actually him.

The movie only covers the development of Hitchock’s Psycho, but it is hardly light on content. It does a good job of expressing the sort of creepiness of the man as well as the relationships he has with his “Blonds” and his wife.

I also really liked how it was bookended by narration. A.H. (Hopkins!) as A.H. (Hitchcock!) cleanly broke the 4th wall and delivered a truly interesting prologue and epilogue-type message to the film. I was much pleased with this film. I recommend it!

Silver Linings Playbook


I had heard so many good things about this film that I could not not watch it. I have to say, though, that it was probably overhyped. I didn’t like it. That’s not to say that the acting was bad, it wasn’t. The acting was very well done. The story wasn’t awful, either (though I’m not exactly fond of the “free from the crazy house” genre). But the characters, the direction (and maybe the cutting) was just too manic. It hurt my brain to watch. It made me stressed and no small bit twitchy.

Now, this could be due to the fact that I was on an airplane as part of a bizzilion hour trip, but none of the other films got to me like this, so I’m putting it down as the fault of the movie. I was, in the end, unimpressed.

The Network


This is an oldie, but certainly a goodie. I can watch it over and over and over again. It’s basically about a famous network (think ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) that was recently bought by an even larger communications giant (think Clear Channel). This network sucks. They’re number last, and have been for a while. Due to low ratings, the old-hand news reader is fired.

He snaps a bit and flips, threatening — on live television — to kill himself on air. This leads to a fantastic path of creating a show around the angry, angry man in a way that is similar to Bill O’Reilly (sp?) or an unfunny Daily Show. And the movie was made in 1976. So. Yes. It’s a great movie, well worth having in your “seen it” column.

Love 911


This is a Korean film about a widowed ex-soldier firefighter and a young doctor who does EMS work. I enjoyed this quite a lot, actually. It was silly at times, and our young doctor has the most maddening Disney-core weakness in the world … she faints when she’s stressed. Seriously. At one point this leads to an honest-to-god blanket scenario!

(If you are confused about that, a “blanket scenario” is where characters are put in some situation like a blizzard or a locked freezer where they must cuddle, or even better, strip and cuddle to stay warm. It’s basically a cheap way for some physical intimacy.)

It is very dramatic, and slightly overacted, but this isn’t uncommon with Korean films (or Thai films, which are much worse on the overacting) so I let that go. It’s no award winner, but did like watching it while eating plane food!

If you happen to be somewhere and it happens to be playing, it’s worth a watch. I’m not sure I’d pay extra money for it, though.

SO! Those were the movies of the day! I hope everyone is having a good week!


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