Random Movie Review: The Airplane Edition! (Part 2!!!!)

I’m ashamed to say that I forgot two of the movies I watched! Let’s make up for that now:

Fat Kid Rules the World


This is a movie about a fat kid (surprising, right?) in Seattle. He’s generally depressed (dead mother, ex-marine father, athletic younger brother), finding little to no satisfaction at school, and it seems that his only friends are people he plays with on a fictional MMORPG.

This leads to him stepping in front of a bus. (Un)fortunatly (depending on who you’re talking to, and when) another boy, a homeless street musician who was expelled from school, pushes him to safety.

The musician manipulates his way into Troy (“fat kid”) and his family’s lives, telling Troy’s father that they had started a punk band, and that Troy is the drummer. Through music and a bit of rebellion (but only a bit!), we are treated to a fun and emotional story of a young man saving himself (and others).

Great movie. Part of the SXSW film festival, I believe. Totally worth a viewing!



I was a little late to the bus on this one. Technically it came to Thailand, but it never made it to my local theatre, so the plane was my first chance at it.

This has a very large cast, and they all do a fabulous job. I loved watching the parts where the three political operatives work and scheme to secure enough votes to pass the 13th amendment. I couldn’t help but imagine that they were Josh, Toby, and Sam from The West Wing! In fact, it felt very much like a vintage version of the West Wing, but with more images of dead bodies and a much livelier House.

Visually, it was beautiful. The costumes, the sets, the color scheme, etc, were wonderfully done. So, props to the costuming and prop people.

I cried quite a bit while watching it, but I cry quite a bit during most movies. I’ve learned just to suck it up and accept the bit of embarrassment that bawling on a plane leads to.

I also recommend this one! No question.


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