Thai Tea

I am very happy to be back, and this is most easily seen with my obsession with Thai tea, or cha yen. It’s red tea with condensed milk. I love it so very much, and it is only ฿15 or roughly 50 cents.


(Image via

I rarely get it in a bag with a straw (cups are actually the norm, but some small stands will do bags), but no matter how it is served – glass, ceramic cup, plastic bag, golden chalice – it is fabulous!

I also had grilled chili beef salad, which is freaking fantastic. It’s thinly sliced beef with lemongrass, shallots, garlic, cabbage, cucumber, paprika, mint, celery leaves, and covered with a chili sauce.


(Image from

It is super, super spicy and amazingly good! If you want to try making it (and who wouldn’t?!) I found what looks like a good recipe online, though I’m not sure if it is exactly the same as the one my cook uses.

Some people view culture through ritual, religion, language, family structure, types of government, clothing, etc. I view it through food. I am SO very glad to be back in Thailand with such fabulous Thai food!


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