Indian fountain pens

I’ve mentioned my fountain pen love before, though hardly in depth. I’ve only been collecting for 3 years, and my financial status means I stick with affordable pens (which for the most part means under $40, but usually under $30). I do have two expensive pens, a Sheaffer and a Parker, my first two pens.

Yesterday I ordered three Indian fountain pens from Fountain Pen Revolution, and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. The great thing about countries like India is that they still teach their children writing using fountain pens, and thus they still make fountain pens for children. In other words: Cheap!


This is the Chelpak Fighter, a kids’ pen. I ordered the black with pink clip (I can honestly say I don’t have another pen that looks like it!), and did a two dollar upgrade for a stub nib instead of the fine nib it came with.

I also ordered a Camlin Trinity (teal)


and a Serwix 1362 (purple and $2 upgrade for flex nib).


Shipping is $3 for wherever and whatever, which is fantastic. I’ve heard good things about these pens, cheap as they are. I’m hoping that they can join my other pens from the US, England, China, Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Now comes my real trouble (!!!). France. I don’t have any French pens. Waterman is French. I can’t afford one of those, I know. I told myself, surely there is a French pen manufacturer that understands not everyone has $1000 to spend on a writing instrument. (Do people who buy Waterman pens even write with them? Hold them? I’d be terrified I’d smudge the damn things!)

Then comes the amazing thing: BIC pen company. They’re French! I never knew!!!! And they have cheapy kid pens! One of these is going on my list, no question.


Look at that thing. Seriously. Look at it! It’s has a bit of a nutbunnies look, but I must say … I’ve got nothing else like it!

I plan on spending the rest of my weekend doing nothing but watching whatever movie comes on my Random Movie Channel, eating whatever I feel like cooking, and messing with my pens. I hope you all have weekends as satisfying as mine will be!


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