Wild Weekend

A friend of mind went to Krabi on a weekend business trip, and she invited me to go with her. (She was taking her niece, so I think part of it was just so she’d have someone to watch the kid when she was working, but I was happy to be invited whatever the reason.)

So, Friday we went to Krabi and stayed a night. Krabi is my favorite province in Thailand (that I’ve been to), so of course I had fun. Saturday afternoon we left for an Island off of Krabi. It has been a long, LOT time since I was in a boat, so that part was certainly fun. I love the wooden long boats, too. The last time I boated it was in a wooden longboat, but it was to get to a floating restaurant and took all of 3 minutes.

When we got to the island, we packed up our stuff into the back of a pickup truck and hopped in to go to the beach where we stayed. As a Southerner, and a country one at that, I used to spend lots of time riding in the back of pickup trucks! So this was crazy fun for me.

The beach and bungalows were … nice. I hate it because there was junk that washes up on the beach. You see that, especially this time of year when monsoon type weather brings stuff from wherever onto Thai beaches. Even this little island got hit with some things.


These things were all still alive and moving and shit, which was terrifying. But the food was good, I spent a long time just doing nothing in a hammock, and there was a peacock behind our bungalow: 


(Peacock with his peahens)

Not that it was all beaches and tailfeathers, mind. The electricity overloaded at about 1am meaning no a/c and no fan. It was almost unbearably hot and muggy. The three of us were sharing a bed, and even after stripping to panties and a bra, not having a sheet, and putting water on my wrists and throat, I was still dying. I slept most of the night on the tile floor, which was cool, but of course left me sore (and a bit cranky) by the time morning (and the electricity) came.

Now I’m home again (and happy for it)! Cuddling with my cat a bit and then off to bed! Hope everyone else had a great weekend, and I hope you have a great week as well.


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