Fountain Pen Revolution

So, I got my pens today! The good people at FPN put in an extra Serwex (162)!

So here’s what we have (left to right) Capped:


Chelpak Fighter, Camlin Trinity, Serwex 1362, Serwex 162



The Trinity and Fighter are both thin pens and, when posted, long. This is pretty much what I was looking for in the Sailor Chalana and Cross (Spire/Classic Century). Now these aren’t as stunning as the Cross and Sailor pens, but they aren’t unattractive. I’m very fond of the Trinity, though the Fighter is easier to use while posted.

I’ve had them inked for only an hour (Fighter with Sheaffer Red, Trinity with De Atramentis Steel Blue), and have very much enjoyed playing with them sense. I’ve found with my Chinese pens that an Asian fine writes like a western extra fine. Like the Chinese pens, these Indian pens write very fine, but with variation in the style of a flex. A fine flex. Fantastic.

I’m in love.


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