Random Movie Review: Now You See Me

And we’re actually going to start with the previews here:
I am boycotting After Earth. No. Seriously. Every single damn time that preview shows my brain goes wonky, and I feel like twitching all over the place. I hate that preview. That flashsceneflashsceneflash cutting makes me sick. Physically ill and mentally angry. Boycotting. For real.

The other previews were promising. World War Z, which is a long time coming (how old IS that book now?), looks pretty good actually. Man of Steel will hopefully live up to the epicness of its preview. Hopefully. I’m not laying down any money just yet. Looks good, but that’s as far as I’ll go. Superman is a hard character (in my opinion) to make interesting. Last time I enjoyed Superman was in The Adventures of Lois and Clark. And I was like 8 then. Mud, with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConahay?…something (can’t spell, don’t care), looked pretty good. There were others, but those were the ones that stood out.

(And, seriously, boycotting the SHIT out of After Earth.)

NOW! On to the show:

(Image via Forbes)

In preparation for this movie, I watched Ocean’s Eleven, because, let’s be honest, it feels similar. And it did. Ocean’s Eleven-Gambling+Magic=Now You See Me. It’s even in Vegas for a while! And it begins with picking these people up from the little scams (shows) they’re running in their little places all over the US before bringing them into this big trick.

I enjoyed this movie. I do think, though, that they underestimated the viewer’s intelligence since you can see where it was going to end fairly early on. That did not, however, make it any less interesting. I hesitate to explain anything that looks,feels,sounds,tastes,smells like plot in case of ruining the enjoyment of someone else, but let’s just say that the previews are actually really good previews! The trailers tell you just enough so that you know where things are going, without going so in depth that they give away anything huge. Or small for that matter.

Points of interest? The “Freeze” part was hilarious. The fight scenes (there are a few, these are people being chased by the FBI, after all) are very well done. Smooth, interesting, impressive. I give Dave Franco high marks for this. His acting (vocally) wasn’t amazing (not bad either, just not amazing), but physically he was very convincing. (Not in a sexual way, you assholes … well, okay, kinda, but that was plotted or anything, he’s just adorable!)

Jesse played … well, Mark Zuckerberg as a magician, actually. He and Woody Harrelson really have fantastic chemistry. Loved them in Zombieland, loved them in this. Hope they do more together. Isla Fisher did “ex-magician’s assistant, current solo act” pretty well. She has that bold, slightly forced acting style that is common of magician’s assistants. Mark Ruffalo is adorable, I just want to hug him for days. He was as good in this as he ever is (it just always seems to me like he’s trying not to laugh when he plays angry, but maybe that’s just me wanting to giggle because … I find him adorable!), and plays scruffy really well. Melanie Laurent did a fantastic job being beautiful, open, running like mad and killing ass at driving a car. (Yes, I realize she probably had a stunt driver or some such nonsense, but it was hot to watch, none the less. I believe, Melanie, I believe!)


(Damn, this is a CRAB not a CAR, my bad. Image from google images via communicationisthekey.com)

I shouldn’t have to say anything about Morgan Freeman or Micheal Caine, yeah? Yeah.

To epileptics: Regardless of frequent use of light effects, chase scenes, fight scenes, etc, I had no problems at all with this film. Nothing in the visual or in the sound gave me pause to think about my body (well … if you don’t count Melanie in that car…) or my epilepsy in any way.

Final word: Watch it. It was, here in Thailand, almost sold out. There were more people in this theatre, for some reason, than I’ve ever sat with in a Thai theatre. And I’ve watched Harry Potter 7.5, Thor, and The Avengers here. All parts of popular franchises. I cannot explain why so many people showed, but everyone seemed to enjoy it! You might too!

(Except for the reoccurring nightmare that is After Earth. I doubt you’ll enjoy that.)


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