A Night of Myoclonic Jerks

So, last night I was playing a Scrabble Clone online (Just Words, I think). I was playing against the computer, and I was winning, which means I was not especially stressed. And then the jerks started. Meds were good, I had eaten, I hadn’t spent more than an hour on the computer (which is not a lot of time for me), and I was pretty calm. So it seems like it was an internal process reaction, and not anything to do with my physical being.

This is annoying as usually this only affects me when I deal with numbers. Usually letters are a kind of safe haven for me. I’ve never had an episode while reading (thank goodness and knock on wood), just with math. 

Frankly I’m a bit nervous about this. I’ll wait it out and see. I’m going to try playing the game tonight at the same time to see if I get the same reaction. Nothing like tempting the devil, yeah?


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