Random Movie Review: Man of Steel

Straight to the point: Worth every penny.

I’ll start with the trailers so that I can say, thank goodness After Earth is out so I can stop seeing those stupid trailers! In other news, this was the first time for me to see the Pacific Rim trailer on a theatre-size screen. Ridiculous? Yes. Will I watch it? FUCK YES. And RED 2 is going to be awesome. I watch RED once about once a month. It’ll be nice to add 2 into the mix.

On to the movie:


Yeah, you and I both wish, but no, she’s not in it. (via Geek Tyrant)

General and Epilepsy:
The trend towards too much lens flare and desaturation is a bit annoying at times. As is the intentionally shaky cam on movies that aren’t actually documentaries or movies pretending to be documentaries. The flare and cam movement can tweek with my mind a bit, and I’ll admit that I went into the movie theatre a little twitchy. Honestly, I should have gone home, but I went and had a McDonalds burger (grease and fat really helps me), and went in. I made it through just fine. There are areas, as always, where I think many epileptics won’t feel entirely comfortable, but you can power through them for the awesome action scenes.

I enjoyed the movie from the get go, but there was one point that really sold it to me. I mean, seriously, you don’t mess with any boy’s mama. If that boy can fly and punch holes in mountains, you should probably be extra careful with that rule.

Just sayin’.

I always catch myself, while writing these reviews, afraid to write down anything that could be construed as a “spoiler”, but this is Superman. We all know he’s going to win. We all know he’s Clark Kent. We all know he’s an alien. And if you don’t know that then, now you do, and stop bitching. Knowing all of that doesn’t harm the enjoyment of the rest of it.

Technical and Actors:

Action is very well done, though I caught myself many times wondering how much money all that property damage was racking up. Audio, at least where I was, was totally top notch. There’s a bit that goes along with a throbbing gravity visual that just felt awesome. Totally sold the scene for me. Acting was fine. I wouldn’t expect Oscars for that (or the story, or any of it really, nothing seemed very out of the box or extraordinary, it was just really good fun). I was excited to see Toby (of West Wing fame, Richard Shiff). Wondered when Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) was going to get on the phone and come out of the Matrix. That kid from Flashpoint, Sam, (David Paetkau) looks even younger here. Amy Adams made a good Lois despite being a red head and not being Teri Hatcher. Diane Lane (giggles) was fantastic playing Clark’s mom. She really did a great job, they had good chemistry her and Henry.

Henry Cavil made a damn fine Superman. It’s all in the jaw. I guess the rest of him is “damn fine”, too, but you need the jaw. The jaw is super important.



I liked the story overall. I liked that they went with Kripton instead of Lex. Primary reason being that we got to see people riding around on dragonfly/dragon hybrid creatures. Which was fucking awesome. I want one. I’m not so sure about their imaging technology, though. Looked rather a bit like those games we had in the 90s where you made 3D images of whatever you shoved a lot of tiny nails onto.


Skype is better than this. So are color TVs. Though granted we can’t make holographic, all-encompassing moving stories that look like cave art yet, but one day…

Interesting to note:

There is a Lexcorp tanker truck at one point, and I do believe (and I am now finding that Twitter agrees with me) that they hit a Wayne Enterprises satellite  Looks like they’re going to at least provide some track-lighting for a possible Justice League film.

I also want to point out the fact that the people looked REAL. They let Diane Lane look like a late-middle-age woman who lives most of her life on a farm with no need for makeup. They let Amy Adams play a woman who is more concerned with the “truth” and her career than making sure she rolls back her skin to 20. She had crows feet! She looked like a real person. Not the least bit photoshopped, and I loved it.


I liked it. If it doesn’t leave the theatres before next weekend (things come and go here very quickly in summer), I might go see it next Saturday. In 3D, since I went to First Class this time because I was pretending to be rich. I highly recommend this as a fun summer film.


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