I don’t have, nor do I have any desire to have children. Human children, that is. I love my cat very much, and I would be very lonely without her. Which is why I’m a bit worried at the moment.

My cat hasn’t done much in the way of eating or drinking recently. I got a tiny bit of food in her today, and a tiny bit of water as well (hoping the moisture in some of the wet food has something similar to water… but maybe it’s just liquid fat… ew). It’s only been Wednesday and today (Thursday), but it also might have been part of Tuesday, since I wasn’t really paying attention on Tuesday. And I didn’t even really notice until Wednesday night when she was looking at her food and water oddly.

(I changed the food and water, even used different bowls. I now have water from the sink, which is usually fine, but also filtered water. I have two types of kibble, and a wet food also. I tried broth, which is suggested, but that didn’t appeal to her. I’ve heard yogurt can be good for constipation, but I’m hesitant to give something like that to her without some sort of suggestion from a professional.)

She’s also not passing stool, only a tiny bit of urine. Which makes me think that she is probably constipated. But cats can be very emotional, and odd changes to their lives can put them off food, and being off food can put them off the bathroom (for obvious reasons: not eating). We had a few workmen in last weekend to fix and clean the air conditioner, and before (and after) I did some major cleaning and shifting around. This could have disturbed her.

She’s an indoor cat, but I come in and out and these men came in and out, so it’s also possible that she caught worms from someone. I’ve checked her litter, though, and can’t find any sight of worms. Not that that necessarily means she’s worm free.

Oh there are TONS of reasons she could not be feeling well. I’m personally hoping she just has a little tooth ache. (I checked her anal glands too, and they also seem fine, but I’m not expert … nor do I really want to be … ew again.)

She seems tired, but is still able to get on the bed — I have a very high bed — and is walking around at her usual pace. But she’s not having what I call “the crazies”, which is where she randomly zips up and down the apartment, jumping from the couch to the top of the wardrobe, then down, then onto the microwave to get on the pantry, etc. So she seems very low energy.

In any event, she’s going to the vet tomorrow. Goodness willing, it’s something simple. Please, though, keep her in your thoughts.


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