Cat Update

I took Howlite to the vet today. She’s not fond of the car, but it was funny because she only cried when the car was moving. She wasn’t vocal when we were stopped at red lights, etc. She was very good inside of the vet’s office despite puppies and kittens and other un-well creatures.

She did freak out a bit at the bum thermometer, but who the heck could blame her, really?

They gave her some antibiotic shots after confirming that her bowel was not blocked with feces, and there were no odd growths or anything. She came home with me and is on observation over the weekend. I really, really hopes she gets better.

I love her vet,  I really really do. She’s very kind, very efficient, and charges like … nothing. Sometimes she charges only for the medication. I mean like 20$. For getting fixed. For serious. Love those people. I think they might be fairly well off, and they might own their property, not sure. But that might be why they don’t have to charge so much. Anyway, love love love them. So glad that the first day she needed a vet every other clinic closer to me was closed. I’d have never found these people.


This is her in happier days, hopin’ she gets back there quickly!


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