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::insert image of me bravely fighting back tears::

Today Howl still wasn’t really eating or drinking. She drank a bit last (Saturday) night, but none today (Sunday, obviously). I was able to give her a bit via syringe, but not enough. Then I noticed her walking to the litter box (she hadn’t been walking much at all the past few days), and she was almost crawling. Not even trying to stand up straight. That, combined with her general weakness had me back in a vet’s office within the hour.

My usual vet was closed (only half-Sundays for them, closed at noon and this was almost two), so I went to the one nearest too me, which happens to be revered as the most expensive on the island. But then, we all do what we must do for our furry children. (I’m not really kidding about this, I don’t know about the costs of every other place in Phuket, but my friend who went with me bought some flea med for her cat. They charged her over ฿700, and when we were going home we noticed it was tagged at ฿600. My friend called to see if we could get the cost back when we came on Monday, but they flat out just said “no”. Surprising.)

Anyhow, turns out that she has ear mites. I clean her ears but (I bring up the fact that I am well aware I am not suited to be a parent of human children. They are much more difficult to care for than cats) apparently I wasn’t cleaning often or deep enough. She’s an indoor only cat, so we’re not sure who brought them in (I’m sort of betting on the a/c workers last week, but they could have just as well come on me, though I tend to not mess with the soi dogs and cats, who are more likely to have ticks and fleas and mites), but she has them, and that’s that. She was given medication, and then just to see they pulled blood.

Now. Anyone who has ever taken a cat to the vet, or tried to hold a cat for anything, knows that cats don’t stand for that shit. I don’t ever remember having to hold down my animal at any US vets, but I was much younger when I lived with my parents who took the animals. Then after I moved out my boyfriend and I had gerbils for a while, but they never needed vet attention, so this might just be my experience. But here, you help hold them down. For comfort and whatever. And possibly as human shields. She got me but good on my right arm. Poor dear. “We hurt the ones we love”, is what I’m telling myself. The reason I was the only one out of the five (yes, five) people holding her when she had her blood drawn is that she loves me.

I hope.

They ran quick tests for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, but both came up negative (and thank goodness for that). They’re going to do overnight tests to check her liver and kidneys and we’ll find out about that tomorrow.

Again, it was asked if I could give her pills. Or liquid. Liquid was mentioned. I said, liquid was  the better option, I had tried before to give her pills and she’s just too strong for me. She hooked a tooth in one of my fingers. Good lord. When I pulled it out there was this low, almost inaudible, but only almost, popping sound. I shudder just remembering it. So, yeah, I’m not good at feeding an unwilling cat medication.

He’s all, watch this, and then he pulls open her mouth, pops a pill in, closes her mouth quickly. “Easy” he says. I say, “Yeah, but I don’t have anyone to hold her down.” Because his assistant had a firm grip on her, while he was able to use both of his hands to slip that pill in and keep control of her mouth. He’s also probably been a vet for 20 years. Easy my big, fat, white ass.

Excuse me while I take a calming breath.


Anyway, we’re back at home now. She’s under the bed, but not hiding. Kinda stretched out under the corner. The a/c is off, and will remain off until she is well because her temp was a bit low. This will be uncomfortable for me, living in a tropical country, but again, the things we do. Uncomfortable is not that big of a problem.

I’m one week off of all candy and coke and chips (crisps), though. A week and a day. All this stress and worry and not crying combined with being too hot might just break me down into getting a ice cream bar or something. But I will fight! I AM however going to make meatless quesadillas tonight for dinner. Because YAY CARBS AND CHEESE, that’s why.

I’m going to go eat something now before I pass out. I haven’t had anything all day except for an orange and some of an oat and raisin mix. God I hate not eating candy.


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