What does it say of a person when their happiest moment of a day was cleaning a litter box and squeeing with joy at a clump of … well … poop?

I’m not joking either, I was that excited! Unless she’s hidden a surprise somewhere (which is actually possible as she peed in her sleeping box two days ago), this is the first time she’s pooped since at LEAST last Tuesday. That’s a week and two days!

She’s eating super well, bitching me out about 9 and a half things (FOOD, why isn’t there FOOD? WHY are you shoving this thing down my throat? What are these pill things? Why are you mad that I peed on this plastic bag? It’s on the floor. Things on the floor are for peeing. WHERE have you BEEN all day?! etc etc), and cleaning herself properly, which was something she didn’t have the energy to do the past few days.

She’s not happy with the new feeding schedule, to spoiled with the fact that I always kept a few pieces of kibble for her in the bowl at all hours. I didn’t over fill, but I always made sure there were at least a few pieces. This was obviously not good for her. But she is not pleased about strict feeding times and empty bowls.

Her, for lack of a better term, accent has changed. Pre-health problems she had a very small, quiet delicate “mew”. During the week she went up to these loud screaming things. Now she has developed a weird auto-tuned southern accent. “Maaaw! Maaaaaw” hahaha. This is so hilarious to me. Except at 2am when she’s pissed about there not being food. It wasn’t so funny then. But otherwise, quite amusing.


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