Anisa and Howlite

Anisa has done exactly what I had hoped Anisa would do: Howlite is eating more in response to Anisa’s eating. I could cry. I did cry actually. Though I was very quiet about it, since I didn’t want to startle her from eating with my tears. Sobbing wouldn’t have helped. I am having a few … More Anisa and Howlite


Tomorrow I will do a review on Wolverine¬†(which I enjoyed and will no doubt see again), but today I’m tired. July, this summer, has been possibly the worst since I was 15 and diagnosed with epilepsy. I can die from my epilepsy, but it doesn’t automatically shorten my life span. CRF does exactly that for … More Exhaustion


Despite meals and sleep and medication, I’ve been feeling on edge this week. It hasn’t been too hot, and Anisa is sleeping well. She’s stopped crying so much. I’m sleeping well, myself. Howlite is fine with everything (or so it seems). I wish she would eat more, but I think we’re doing okay at the … More Stress