Howlite and Earthquakes

Today at around 2:40 Jakarta/Bangkok time, there was a 6.0 earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia. Sumatra and Phuket aren’t all that far apart, so we felt some aftershocks. I thought at first that I was really, really dizzy and possibly having pre-seizure symptoms, but then someone came into the office and asked if we could felt it. I’m not sure how apparent it would have been elsewhere. My office is on the second floor of our 4 story building.

Nice to see CNN do a breaking news 3 hours later. Twitter being alive with the information mere minutes after. Breaking news my butt.

In a more personal message, Howlite’s blood test from today came back completely normal. It was the birthday present I wished for most. I’m glad it came true. She still has to spend the rest of the month taking pills, but she’s going to be okay. ❤ I cannot explain how happy this makes me.


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