Ghost update!

So. More and more buildings, my office and the offices around me, are being surrounded by string. Even a small eating area has been circled by thin orange rope. At first I found the original string around the main building to be sort of quirky. Amusing.

It is no longer amusing. I work for a mixed bag, government office. This is the sort of thing, on this scale especially, that happens at private businesses or houses, Buddhist ones at that. We’re not only government, but mixed Thai and non-Thai, Buddhist and Muslim and whatever else. And yet we’ve had a Buddhist monk on premise explaining what the ghost is, etc.

And wrapping things up in string. On a smaller level, many Thai’s where a small string bracelet for protection, this is a larger version of that. But even the monk said he’d never done something like this before. Been called in to a large government office like mine.

A similar thing is happening in a school near me, but even they don’t seem to be going in to it as much as we are.

The “ghost” itself seems to be manifesting primarily with young females. They see it, feel possessed by it, and have screaming fits. This doesn’t surprise me, the fits at least. I’ve seen at least three instances, one my building manager whose husband had just left her and her newborn baby. My theory on this is how a lot of Thai women are really suppressed and put into very specific boxes, especially when young. When they snap they don’t just have screaming matches with their dad (which would be unseemly as hell), they go temporarily mad, but always at nothing, because to focus that on a specific thing would be wrong.

When I first moved here there was a girl who had one of these fits in the building across from mine. I was on the second floor, she was on the 5th. I swear I thought she was going to jump. She just kept shrieking and shrieking. I still have no idea what happened, but that wasn’t called a ghost. She just lost it for a bit.

This is also, I think, why when you hear of so many women chopping off men’s … uh … parts. Here. My favorite was a woman who cut it off and put it in the garbage. It was there overnight and they still managed to reattach it. This is why you come to Thailand for a sex change.

Not that they don’t have reason to bite off penises, but still. When a Thai woman goes, she goes.

I haven’t seen an increase of Thai voodoo dolls, so there’s that.


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