Ghost Update 2.0!

I realize this isn’t a popular thread in my blog, but it’s just so interesting to me.

Today I noticed that some of the roads (these aren’t main roads, but private roads for my work) have been boxed off with strings hanging around various power-line poles and the like. Absolutely insane.

I talked to a friend (let’s call her Ping) who apparently had some contact with one of the girls this is affecting. She’s messed up and tried to have a fit that would disrupt Ping’s (a tough, tough woman) meeting. Ping basically shrugged and said, I guess I’ll call the ambulance.

Health care at the government hospital is pretty cheap, but at the private hospitals? Those are like 5-Star hotels with high-paid doctors attached. Cheap isn’t a word that can in any way be applied to the Bangkok Hospital … franchise? In any case, the girl became less possessed enough to leave when Ping asked.

Told. Probably told. Asked… Knowing Ping, it was probably more of an order, but asked was the word my friend used with me.

Upon leaving, apparently this girl said something to the affect of “why me?”, and one of our cleaning staff told her (in Thai, this is Ping’s translation), “Well I guess you made the ghost angry, you should stop doing that.” Ping also told this girl that if our workplace was so haunted, and that ghost so determined to hurt her, maybe she should try working someplace else.

This ghost still has a hard-on for young (early 20’s) girls, and most often around people who would be too unsure of themselves to berate them about their behavior. (Or too superstitious, I know a few people I work with who are very, very superstitious.) Granted, this could mean we’re dealing with a weak, perv of a ghost who in no way can match up to the “Grudge” and “Ring” and “Last Summer” style ghosts.

But more likely we’ve got a small group of girls who didn’t get enough love and attention when they were growing up. I mean, damn, we’ve roped off like eleven buildings and a road! All government property with hundreds of employees! Not even the blessing and exorcism of a monk could stop it!

My building, however, the building with the most foreign teachers (America, England, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Russia, the Philippines, Thailand and China are all represented in my building.) is still unstrung. And has yet to be touched by the ghost, or the possessed.

Wonder why?


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