R. I. P.

A girl committed suicide early this morning in a lake between my home and my work.

Rubbernecking and gawking, staring at car crashes all common things in any culture. But it just seems a little … colder? here. I’ve seen wrecks surrounded by a hundred bikes, so crowded in that ambulances couldn’t actually get out with their patients. They become sort of grim, impromptu parties. Food senders pop up, they were probably driving their gear home (most all food stalls are attached to a motorbike here) when they passed the mob, and they just set up.

Same thing happened today. I saw people who would normally go into work, stop on both sides of the road, coming and going. The entry area to the lake (it’s got a walk way around it where people run and walk in the mornings and evenings) was surrounded by motorbikes trapping in two ambulances. One of the rescue workers — RESCUE WORKER — was holding a sack of fried chicken as he walked down the slope to the lake. The lake itself was surrounded with people. As I walked by, I could tell it wasn’t a desperate rescue. Everyone was watching, very still, but no one was in a hurry.

Just pulling a girl from the lake, apparently. And no less than a hundred people stopped to watch it happen. What is it with humans? One person stops to look at something, then — without even asking why — someone sees that person and feels a need to do the same. Now there’s two. It spreads, like a virus. It’s so weird. And especially so with dead bodies.

But, to me, it’s even worse in accident scenes. You’re eating food over someone’s pain. Please. Have some fucking respect.

I don’t understand people.


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