Today was maddening. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I didn’t have a seizure, and I never quite got to a point where I felt I would have one, but I woke up “on the wrong side of bed”. The wrong side of bed being at 6am by another earthquake in Sumatra.

Granted (and thankfully) this earthquake wasn’t on land, it was in the ocean. But then, being in the ocean meant it was closer to Phuket. Even being on the first floor, I could feel it. I woke up with no grip on the day, and never managed to catch hold.

As far as I can tell no one noticed my slight mania, which pleases me. I had only the slightest of tremors, and they were at my desk behind the comforting shield of my computer monitor. (And huge stack of to do paperwork…but we’re pretending that doesn’t exist.) To my great pride, I shed no tears.

It’s an odd thing that moods like this, the mania more than the actual pre-seizure symptoms, drive me to tears. I’ve mentioned more than once (though the mentions were probably in the Random Movie Reviews, not in my epilepsy posts) that I’m one hell of a sap. Very prone to displays of emotion. And very prone to crying while reading, watching tv/movies, and when I feel manic.

I spent most of the daylight hours in manic-mode, and yet I did not cry! Progress? Yeah, probably not. This is probably a fluke brought on by a particularly good lunch of pad see ew sen mee, milk tea, and thoughts of Curry Fridays (only two days away!). Still, as the mania fades into exhaustion, and I prepare for bed, I’m comforted by the fact that I was able to get through the day. This morning, waking up to that quake, I would have bet money on a mid-day breakdown.

I’m happy that I would have lost that bet. Feels like a win, anyway you cut it!

(In other news, 20 kids died of food poisoning in India and 20+ more are sick, the American League kicked some serious ass, and I think I’m getting a new kitten tomorrow! So, guess what Thursday’s update will be? That’s right. Kitten pictures.)


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